Managing a Multi-Generational Team: The Importance of Empathy

For this month’s Noetic blog, we had the great pleasure of sitting down with Wendy Zajack, Faculty Director and Associate Professor of the Practice at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies. Wendy’s work spans across a workforce and student population of five different generations. While this provides countless opportunities for leading and learning, it is […]

Affordability and Value – How Community College Marketers Can Strike a Balance

I recently participated in a brand strategy training session for community college marketers and leaders. During the Q&A session, the following question was asked: “Our college continues to lower tuition costs and it feels like we are now battling the perception of being less valuable. How can we combat that?” This question resonated with me […]

How Marketing Leaders Can Soar During Uncertain Times

I remember one morning talking to my pilot husband about the  aeronautical principle of lift.  Lift is the upward force of wind on a wing that, just like the name connotes, lifts the aircraft off the ground and into the air. Interestingly, an airplane needs a headwind to climb. Some may view headwinds as an […]

Noetic News: Welcome to the team, Carly!

Carly Brogan here! With over 4 years of experience in strategic communications and broadcast television, along with a recent master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Georgetown University, I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new Junior Consultant at Noetic! My journey to Noetic was a bit unconventional. Now, I am a few weeks […]

Turn Predictable Personality Traits into Increased Performance with DiSC®

Imagine if you knew what your professional colleagues and clients needed from you regarding communication and workplace styles! Wouldn’t that be a remarkable solution to reduce workplace conflict and increase cooperation, productivity and ultimately drive positive financial performance? Enter stage right…DiSC® profile assessments. DiSC is a powerful and profoundly simple tool for workplace collaboration and […]

20 on 20: Finding Your Purpose

Photo: Unsplash Welcome to “20 on 20,” a blog series in celebration and reflection of 20 years in business. Follow along as founder Nancie McDonnell Ruder dives deeper into one of her 20 reflections. I have read a lot about defining your organization’s purpose in the past two years. As the world entered into chaotic […]

Noetic News: Welcome to the team, Tanya!

Tanya Leyderman

Tanya Leyderman Hi there! I’m Tanya Leyderman, and I’m one of Noetic’s newest Consultants. With over 25+ years in marketing and strategy, I couldn’t be more excited to join such an impressive team of dedicated professionals. Helping clients achieve their brand, people and growth goals has always been my passion. When I learned that Noetic’s […]