The Art & Science of Marketing: Balancing Creativity and Analysis

At Noetic, we strengthen brands AND the people who build them. Because we work with marketers and marketing teams all day long, one thing we’ve observed over the years is that every marketer possesses a unique combination of right and left-brain skills, of creative and analytic skills, or, what we call the Art & Science of Marketing.

Discovering Your Unique Skillset

Our CEO + Founder, Nancie McDonnell Ruder, built the proprietary Art and Science Assessment™ which is a tool to help marketers assess where they fall as individuals on this spectrum of skills. Is a marketer more inclined to lean on data or gut when ideating? Can they understand and parse large amounts of data or are they better able to craft a story that resonates with their customers? Can they see the end goal clearly or can they see many possible outcomes?

Once people know their unique skill sets, they can confidently lean into their strengths and spot watch out areas before they become issues. Tangible learnings like this can strategically inform how marketers approach their professional development and career progression plans. For example, if a marketing leader discovers they excel in the ideation skills but lags in the data skills that could lend more credibility to their ideas, clarity emerges on professional development next steps.

Assessing Team Dynamics

The assessment is also a beneficial tool for teams in aggregate. When full marketing teams take the Assessment, Noetic can plot where each team member sits on the Art & Science continuum and thereby identify areas of strength and opportunity for the broader team. Recently, we did this work for the marketing team of a multinational retail convenience store brand, and we saw that the team was exceptionally strong in storytelling, but a common opportunity area was dashboarding. As a result, they crafted an action plan to ensure their dashboarding was aligned with their customer’s journey to provide more value to their customers as they engage with the brand and be more effective as a marketing function.

If this sounds interesting to you either for yourself or for your team, contact us today – we’d love to hear from you!