The Value of Brand Affinity in Uncertain Times: A Podcast Episode

Do you wonder why your brand isn’t resonating deeply with your customers? Do you see more and more competitors siphoning market share from your company that believe it’s brand-related? As an executive, you understand the critical role of a dynamically strategic brand but may find yourself at a crossroads in strengthening it, especially in times […]

2023 Year in Review – What Marketing Lessons Did We Learn?

The one thing we can expect each year is change and 2023 was no exception. From the significant rise of artificial intelligence (AI) integration to the increased emphasis on omni-channel strategies, the marketing landscape continues to evolve.  At Noetic, we always take time to reflect as a team and identify key marketing lessons that shape […]

Embracing a Daily Byte: A Guide to Microlearning

In the wake of a post-COVID world, the landscape of traditional learning has undergone a transformative shift. The evolution is also noticeable among career professionals redefining their learning and growth approach. The days of conventional classrooms and lengthy lectures may be behind us, making way for innovative strategies that align with how career professionals absorb […]

Navigating a Reorg: Strategies to Lead and Succeed

Do you remember the childhood game of “musical chairs?” Whimsical and fun, the chair where you began and the chair where you sat after the music stopped were likely different. In a game, this uncertainty isn’t stressful; it’s exciting! In the grown-up world of corporate musical chairs, however, the stakes are higher, the music is […]

How Can I Be a Better Networker When I Don’t Like to Network?

How can I be a better networker when I don’t like to network? As I write this, I plan to attend a conference later this week. There will be a few hundred people in attendance and, even though the event is still days away, my palms get sweaty as I think about entering a room […]

Cultivating Vibrant Brand Health: A Holistic Approach

Your brand is more than a logo or a catchy tagline – it’s the heartbeat of your business. It should resonate within the core of your organization and extend its impact to customers, advocates and ambassadors alike. Brand health isn’t a one-dimensional concept; rather, it’s a symphony of interconnected components that together craft a compelling […]

AI in Marketing: Why Guardrails are Important

August is the most popular month of the year to move residences. According to Architectural Digest, 80% of moves in the US occur between April and September, with August being the peak. Concurrently, 80% of corporate leaders are feeling bullish about the power of artificial intelligence, and the same amount (81%) of consumers want full […]

If You Influence Even One Person, It’s Worth It – Q&A With Nancie McDonnell Ruder

Three years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic gave author and marketer Nancie McDonnell Ruder a front-row seat to witnessing people experience, endure and navigate a tremendous amount of change. The marketing community had a steep hill to climb and found creative ways to survive and thrive. This set the stage for How Senior Marketers Scale the […]