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The Power of Brand Appeal: Driving Sales Growth and Market Reach

In today’s competitive marketplace, the importance of a strong and appealing brand cannot be overstated. A brand is more than just a logo, color palette or a tagline; it embodies the essence of a company and what it stands for. A compelling brand can be a powerful driver of consistent sales growth and expanded market […]

Start with Who: How Can Marketers Evolve and Lead with Changing Consumer Expectations?

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, shifting consumer expectations are reshaping the marketing landscape at an unprecedented pace. Consumers now demand personalized experiences and transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices from the brands they patronize. This transformation presents both a challenge and a golden opportunity for marketers. Below are four resources that unpack these expectations for marketers […]

The Value of Brand Affinity in Uncertain Times: A Podcast Episode

Do you wonder why your brand isn’t resonating deeply with your customers? Do you see more and more competitors siphoning market share from your company that believe it’s brand-related? As an executive, you understand the critical role of a dynamically strategic brand but may find yourself at a crossroads in strengthening it, especially in times […]

2023 Year in Review – What Marketing Lessons Did We Learn?

The one thing we can expect each year is change and 2023 was no exception. From the significant rise of artificial intelligence (AI) integration to the increased emphasis on omni-channel strategies, the marketing landscape continues to evolve.  At Noetic, we always take time to reflect as a team and identify key marketing lessons that shape […]

20 on 20: Twenty Reflections on Twenty Years in Business

Twenty Years of Noetic Logo

Welcome to “20 on 20,” a blog series in celebration and reflection of 20 years in business. Follow along as founder Nancie McDonnell Ruder dives deeper into one of her 20 reflections. As I reflect on my company’s 20-year anniversary, I mostly think – how did I get here? I feel a rush of gratitude […]

Top Competencies Where Marketers Need Training

“What are the top competencies where marketers need training?” The leader of a large marketing organization recently asked me this. It’s a great question. Not only did she seek to prioritize effort and dollars, she also asked the right question. Rather than focusing on the most important competencies to master, she wanted to know the right competencies to […]