our company

Founded in 2002, Noetic Consultants is a marketing and leadership consulting firm that strengthens brands and the people who build them. From the conceptual to the practical, the work we deliver unlocks growth for your company, ensuring you and your team are informed and inspired by your consumers and empowered and educated to connect your brand’s truth with them authentically.

Our Purpose

Be a North Star for brand authenticity.

Our Vision

Help people and brands be the best they can be: authentic and true to themselves, and to the audiences they serve.

Our Mission

Be a trusted partner and strategic advisor that empowers, inspires and educates our clients.

Our DEI Approach

At Noetic, we are building a company that future generations can be proud to look back on. And one that current clients, team members and our partners are proud to know and do business with today.

We are a women-owned small business where all are welcomed and appreciated for who they are. We know that our work is uplifted by each of our own journeys. Respect, equality and inclusion are bedrocks of our culture, and we pride ourselves on creating an environment for every person on our team to grow and thrive. This is active work we do, and the standards we hold ourselves accountable to – today, tomorrow and every day.

Why A Butterfly?

A brand is like a butterfly – It evolves, grows and strengthens to reach its full beauty. It inspires with intrigue and grace. If not treated properly, a butterfly can be easily crushed. Nurtured and handled with care, it takes flight and inspires all who have the privilege to see it.