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How Can I Be a Better Networker When I Don’t Like to Network?

How can I be a better networker when I don’t like to network? As I write this, I plan to attend a conference later this week. There will be a few hundred people in attendance and, even though the event is still days away, my palms get sweaty as I think about entering a room […]

Turn Predictable Personality Traits into Increased Performance with DiSC®

Imagine if you knew what your professional colleagues and clients needed from you regarding communication and workplace styles! Wouldn’t that be a remarkable solution to reduce workplace conflict and increase cooperation, productivity and ultimately drive positive financial performance? Enter stage right…DiSC® profile assessments. DiSC is a powerful and profoundly simple tool for workplace collaboration and […]

Top Competencies Where Marketers Need Training

“What are the top competencies where marketers need training?” The leader of a large marketing organization recently asked me this. It’s a great question. Not only did she seek to prioritize effort and dollars, she also asked the right question. Rather than focusing on the most important competencies to master, she wanted to know the right competencies to […]

Stories as Sales Tools: Noetic Training Workshop

It’s official: our brains love a good story. In fact, compelling stories have the power to change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors… but most of us aren’t confident in our ability to craft and tell stories that will move our businesses and careers forward. This can become a serious deficit, since career development involves convincing colleagues […]

Webinar Training Done Right: What to Look for When Hiring a Trainer

Webinar trainings can combine the best of both live and online learning. Trainees get to interact with a live trainer who makes learning fun and memorable. Corporate Learning departments save considerable money on travel, minimize meeting expenses and conserve the precious resource of employee time. Unfortunately, webinar training is difficult to do well. Learning via […]

The 5 Deadly Sins of Brief Writing

The brief is the cornerstone of any customer-centric B2B or B2C marketing effort. It’s where objectives, messaging, target audience, customer insights, metrics and channel approach come together in one key document that will keep everyone on track. But let’s be honest. Writing a brief isn’t always easy! And writing a brief brief (pun intended) is […]

Noetic’s 2015 Trends in Training: Millennial Mindset

Millennials get a bad rap in the workplace. A December headline about this generation, born between 1981 and 1997, asks, “Are Millennials too Spoiled for the Workplace?” while another study is bluntly titled, “America’s Skills Challenge: Millennials and the Future.” What are American employers to do?  Millennials make up our entire workforce under the age […]