Women in Leadership: Meg Galloway Goldthwaite, CMCO of The Nature Conservancy

Meg Galloway Goldthwaite

Noetic’s Women in Leadership series highlights strong women leaders across industries who inspire us personally and professionally – as leaders, collaborators, and humans. They are recognized and influential in their respective fields and they leverage their positions of leadership to uplift, encourage, and support other women. 

This month we are proud to feature Meg Galloway Goldthwaite, CMCO of The Nature Conservancy

What are you most excited about in going to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to be their new CMCO?

Our world has got massive work to do, and we need to unite to dramatically lower the rate of biodiversity loss and drastically cut climate emissions – for the health of the planet and all living things. As the largest environmental NGO, TNC has the unique combination of skills, assets, and relationships necessary to get that massive work done. As a global leader generating solutions for these tough challenges, TNC is uniquely qualified to share breakthrough stories of that work in ways that shift minds, protect our planet, and save lives. I’m thrilled to be part of a team that champions the bond between brand and mission and the relationship between communications and social change.

Who has had the biggest impact on you and your career?

My grandmother was a Gold Star widow who went to work after my grandfather was killed in WWII. She worked hard, spent little, and sacrificed personal comfort for her family. She taught me that grit and determination can get you through nearly anything. She built a career, raised two kids alone, and saved enough money to travel the world in her retirement. 

My late friend and spiritual guide, Margaret, gave me the unconditional love I needed to hold up my head with grace and poise even on my darkest days when shame and fear threatened to overtake me. She also dressed like every day was a party, and I aspire to that. For some reason, my husband, Todd, thinks that I can do absolutely anything. And while he’s not right about that, he gives me the courage I need to walk into anything and at least fake it until I can figure it out. And for my last person, I’ll give you a three-for-one and name my kids: Marina, Liam, and Annabelle who push me to live so that when they think of caring, equity, and integrity, they think of me. At least that’s my aim when I roll out of bed each day.

If you had to choose one person who affected your career the most and who you’d pay tribute to, who would that be?

My dear friend and former boss, Joyce Dorris. I learned more marketing from her than anyone else. We worked together for 7 years. She has an unmatched ability to generate a vision and hold it ever-present as she weaves strategy, branding, and communications together to achieve it. She also taught me the value of packaging up an initiative and selling it – “Tie it all up with a bow” – she’d say. That woman could rock a PowerPoint deck like no one I’ve seen. I spend a good deal of time thinking, “What would Joyce do?”

What are the most important things marketers need to be thinking about as we get further into 2021?

As we continue to make our way out of the darkness of the 12 months, people will want to affirm the joys of being with friends, sharing a meal with family, traveling to cool places, etc. I think successful marketing and communications efforts will echo that return to simplicity and appreciation for basic love. I also think we’ll do well to show the power of people uniting. 

For new marketers, what is the one piece of advice you’d give for them to think about as they progress in their careers?

The same thing I say to my kids – be teachable. You never know where your next lesson lurks. Also, be kind. I appreciate the notion that people are more likely to remember how you made them feel than what you actually said.

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