The World Has Changed…and so Have Your Customers

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

One year ago, Kansas City was the Super Bowl Champ, Parasite was an Oscar winner, and many of us were getting ready to take off for Spring Break. What was only 365 days ago, now feels like a decade, after a year of face masks, social distancing, far too much loss, and (finally) a road toward vaccinations.

Normalcy may feel closer each day, but your perspective has most likely forever changed… and so has the perspective of your customers. Many of our clients have been able to survive (and even thrive) in these ever-changing times by doing three things with their customers consistently:

  1. Realizing their “today” is not like their “yesterday”
  2. Deeply listening (and then listening again)
  3. Responding dynamically to their customers changing needs

Noetic supports our clients through custom research to better understand how customer needs have evolved, ensuring meaningful results to those they serve and to their bottom line. Here are some examples:

Identifying changing consumer needs in a dynamic landscape  

In one of the hardest-hit industries, a travel-related client needed to pivot their business model as travel needs quickly evolved. Noetic designed and conducted a national quantitative study that uncovered growth opportunities based upon customers changing travel needs. 

Meeting consumer demand where they, and you, need it most

An academic institution was looking to better connect with, and serve, its audience(s) in these virtual and uncertain times. Noetic leveraged existing secondary research combined with custom qualitative to help prioritize audience focus and messaging priorities. This prioritization and focus became the foundation for their 2021 planning and fundraising efforts, activated within a Noetic-led co-creation session.

Reimagining core metrics and tracking 

As part of their annual planning cycle, our fortune 500 financial client was looking to establish metrics that captured their refreshed 2021 thinking and tie them to quarterly and yearly goals. Noetic helped craft and finalize SMART* metrics and an approach for leadership alignment. Codifying and tracking dashboard metrics enables team members to prepare for the future, with the ability to pivot as business needs and dynamics change quickly.

*SMART = specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound

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