Noetic’s Marketing Leader Q&A Series features, Marissa Jarratt, SVP and CMO of 7-Eleven. Deemed an essential business during the COVID crisis, Marissa discusses how 7-Eleven has shifted their business and brand strategies.

Get back to your roots. Understand your history, what your brand truly stands for, and why your customers come to you. This can be a pillar to lean on in times of crisis.

Operate with Servant Leadership. Empathize with your customers and find ways to serve them betterIt’s not only about what you’re selling, but why you’re selling it, who you’re selling it to, and where. Meet your customers where they need you the most, and provide what they’re looking for to the best of your ability.   

Understand the shifts in your customers’ behavior. And provide what they need. For example, 7-Eleven offers bake-at-home food options for their customers who are now buying for more the longterm rather than a quick snack or meal on the go. 

Communicate clearly and effectively in a timely manner.  It’s essential to recognize sometimes there’s a time and a place that you have to simply put out the information to ensure the integrity of the operation, the customer experience, and longevity of the enterprise, rather than focusing on the creative aspect. 

Always put safety first.  Every discussion and decision made should put safety first, protecting team members and enabling them to serve communities in need. For 7-Eleven, it meant PPE, new protocols, and ensuring ensure stocked shelves with critical supplies for those who need it.

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