Noetic’s Marketing Leader Q&A Series highlights Laurie Gavitt-Smith, VP Marketing at Avalere Health, a healthcare consultancy specializing in strategy, policy, and data analysis for life sciences, health plans, and providers. In a time headlined by healthcare, Laurie shares her insights on marketing and how leaders will need to adapt. 

  1. Have discipline around your messaging. Marketers often feel they always have to be out there and heard. The key is to have the discipline to know when you can contribute to the conversation and be relevant rather than just speaking to hear yourself. 
  • Marketers are critical during times of crisis. They bring new ideas to the table and what we need to stay on brand. It’s going to be increasingly important to show executives why and how marketing is more critical than ever.
  • Traditional tactics will shift. For example, the inability to host live conferences allows for that money to be invested in other areas. Marketers will increasingly need to show the metrics to justify the investments – measurement is a must!
  • Keep clients informed.  Very early on, we put together a client response Team who quickly partnered with internal subject matter experts in creating an online COVID 19 Intel Center, ensuring our clients have the latest factual information.

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