Want to Strengthen Your Brand? Make it a Team Sport

Why Does a Strong Brand Matter?

We all know a strong brand when we see it. We recognize it by its compelling logo and advertising, engaging social media, seamless in-store or digital purchase experience and consistent delivery of its products or services. Yet we also all know that this degree of seamless strength, clarity and relevance is hard to observe and even harder to deliver – if you are a marketer intent on doing so.

It may seem that substantial financial resources are necessary to reach this kind of brand nirvana. Brands with bigger budgets can enhance external communications through advertising, social media, PR and digital channels. However, external communications are merely the tip of the iceberg that only serves to entice customers to purchase for the first time. If any “under the surface” aspects are weak, customers may take their business elsewhere and are more likely to publicly criticize the brand, especially if the experience is anything less than what they were promised.

With so many touchpoints and intricacies encompassing one’s brand, how can such cohesion ever be attained, and where does one begin creating it?

A thorough examination of the organization’s internal structure is imperative to achieve this cohesion, enabling brand transformation and consistent expression to become a full team sport.

The Game Plan

Start with your purpose and values. According to Gallup, only 27% of US employees believe their companies embody their values. Suffice to say, if you are an organization that can fully commit to knowing and living your purpose and values, you will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace that your customers will see and feel.

Educate your team on what your brand is about. Brand training for the entire organization is indispensable to equip and empower employees with the knowledge, tools and capabilities needed to embody the brand. If each team member comprehends and practices this, the organization’s interactions with customers across all touchpoints will provide clarity, consistency and relevance.

Assist your team in understanding how they can embody the brand daily. Oftentimes, employees outside of marketing can perceive the brand as “something the marketers do,” failing to grasp its relevance to their roles or how they need to reflect the brand in their daily endeavors.

Measure your brand strength internally, not solely its external perception. While many companies invest in brand tracking research and/or Net Promoter Scores to gauge brand strength, this approach fails to assess the brand’s current status and trajectory comprehensively. By measuring the internal strength and inquiring about employees’ clarity on the brand’s essence and affiliation, leaders can discern the efforts and initiatives needed to guarantee a cohesive, authentic, and consistent brand experience.

If you are a brand leader striving to strengthen your brand’s relevance, consistency, and authenticity, remember that resilient and healthy brands flourish only through resilient and healthy teams. To fortify your brand’s position, equip and empower your team.

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