The Value of Brand Affinity in Uncertain Times: A Podcast Episode

Do you wonder why your brand isn’t resonating deeply with your customers? Do you see more and more competitors siphoning market share from your company that believe it’s brand-related? As an executive, you understand the critical role of a dynamically strategic brand but may find yourself at a crossroads in strengthening it, especially in times of economic flux.

In this episode of the Success Beneath The Surface podcast, host Deborah Fell engages in a thought-provoking conversation with our very own Nancie McDonnell Ruder.

In this episode, you’ll gain access to a practical framework for measuring your brand’s evolution and effectiveness. Discover strategies that will empower you to infuse your brand throughout your company, ensuring it resonates at every level. Whether you aim to rejuvenate an established brand or infuse a budding one with a clear sense of purpose, this podcast is packed with valuable insights that will propel your business forward by deepening the connections you share with your customers.

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