2023 Year in Review – What Marketing Lessons Did We Learn?

The one thing we can expect each year is change and 2023 was no exception.

From the significant rise of artificial intelligence (AI) integration to the increased emphasis on omni-channel strategies, the marketing landscape continues to evolve.  At Noetic, we always take time to reflect as a team and identify key marketing lessons that shape every new engagement.

Hear from our Noetic consultants below, each in their own voice, on top insights from the previous year and how to leverage these learnings into actionable lessons.


Michael Barry

“Being intimately familiar with your audience is paramount. 2023 reinforced that marketing is not always about innovation and the next great product, but the power that exists when a brand isn’t afraid to rethink their target audience and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.


Nancie McDonnell Ruder

“Most organizations with larger marketing departments went through a reorganization in 2023 and are struggling with cultural fallout from this change. Dramatic change needs to be proactively managed, with the cultivation of and adherence to corporate values and strong communication as the most critical levers.”


Tanya Leyderman

“While each emerging AI tool should be considered and embraced, human involvement remains the best differentiator. Don’t underestimate your authentic voice.”


Alexandra Moore

“The need for curated content remains paramount. Leverage consumer insights to create personal and timely messaging to cut through the noise and clutter.”


Samantha Martin

“AI is becoming pervasive and being used by marketers in multiple ways. My favorite quote about AI still rings true: “AI is neither good nor evil. It’s a tool. It’s a technology for us to use.” I think 2023 was figuring out what that tool looks like in everyone’s tool chest.”


Ginny Townsend

“There are no new fundamentals. As a marketing leader, it’s critical to acknowledge that while the landscape of marketing continuously evolves with new tools and trends, the fundamental principles of our field remain constant. At the core, marketing is still about understanding and satisfying customer needs and desires regardless of changes in technology or consumer behavior. What has changed is how we apply the fundamentals in a modern context.”


Ally Frank

“Measuring brand health is crucial for companies to be able to understand how they are positioned within the marketplace, no matter what industry they live in. In 2023, we learned more about the value of setting goals and identifying metrics companies can track that shed light on overall brand health.”


Some look at the new year as a clean slate. However, if you disregard what was on the slate, you might miss the valuable lessons and important experiences of the previous year. Instead, reflect on what you did, leverage what you learned and take actionable steps to scale the heights in 2024!

What was your biggest marketing lesson of 2023? Would love to hear your thoughts – contact us today!