The Importance of Values in the Workplace

Next week is the first day of spring, and as I reflect on the change of season, I remember how it aligns with the 3000-year-old Persian celebration of Nowruz. Iran and other pockets of the world will celebrate Nowruz, or new day, to welcome spring and the beauty and revitalization that comes with it. Families will gather and celebrate for thirteen days, sharing meals, giving presents and honoring traditions as they reflect and observe the joy and vitality of life.

They keep and share the same values from thousands of years ago; values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families. These values remain embedded in the culture and DNA of Persians and Iranians and have withstood war and the test of time. This is because we live by our values – they connect us and make life more purposeful.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

People’s values don’t just disappear as they plug in on Monday for work. The context of their lives shapes your employees’ values. Today, more than ever, this workforce seeks to align employment with companies whose organizational values are similar. Much like personal values, organizational values face threats to survival. Whether it be economic downturns, leadership changes or pandemics, organizational values risk deterioration without proper care, respect and nurturing. They will only survive if they are strong enough, believed enough and distinct enough.

Organizations with solid values stand out, are authentic, believable and embedded into the organization’s DNA. They are made whole by the employees who live, care for, and advocate for them throughout the organization. Unlocking values takes work and collaboration. Aligning across various levels to authentically steep into every layer is a best practice when developing or refining your organization’s values. Values are more than a nod to what your organization believes. They are a magnet for future employees drawn to your organization and for current employees to remain committed.

Cultivating a Cohesive Company Culture

At Noetic, we live our values every day because, for many of us, they align with our own values. Help and kindness first, growth-minded, raising the bar high, dynamic positivity, collaboration without egos, three solutions for every problem and curious spirit are things we do naturally at work and in our personal lives. Our values thrive because of intentional care and nurturing by our founder and CEO and the entire team as we hold each other accountable and recognize when these values show up strong in our company’s culture. So, as you reflect upon the changing of seasons this spring, remember that organizational values are fragile, require attention, are the backbone of your culture and should always be celebrated.

Is your organization lacking clear company values? Contact us to see how Noetic can help add values to inspire and define your culture.