Noetic News: Welcome to the team, Carly!

Carly Brogan here!

With over 4 years of experience in strategic communications and broadcast television, along with a recent master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Georgetown University, I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new Junior Consultant at Noetic!

My journey to Noetic was a bit unconventional. Now, I am a few weeks in and know this is exactly where I am meant to be. During my final semester in graduate school, I was paired with Nancie McDonnell Ruder as my one-on-one advisor and got a glimpse into life at Noetic. I was inspired by Nancie’s thoughtful approach to any marketing challenge and how sharp yet approachable her leadership style was. Nancie empowered me week after week through her mentorship and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. So, at the end of the semester when Nancie asked if I would be interested in a potential career opportunity at Noetic the ‘yes’ could not have come out of my mouth fast enough!

During our virtual advising meetings, I noticed Nancie’s beautiful butterfly gallery wall in her background and specifically remember making a mental note to, “ask Nancie – why butterflies?!”

I found my answer featured at the bottom of Noetic’s website:

Why A Butterfly?

A brand is like a butterfly – It evolves, grows and strengthens to reach its full beauty. It inspires with intrigue and grace. If not treated properly, a butterfly can be easily crushed. Nurtured and handled with care, it takes flight and inspires all who have the privilege to see it.

In some sense, I resonated with the butterfly whether I knew it or not. Nancie was nurturing my marketing skills and handled our relationship with care. Now it’s my time to take flight and share and inspire alongside this powerhouse team. The bar is set very high at Noetic (one of the company’s core values) and I am leaning all in. The experience and brilliance of this talented team is top notch and who they are as individuals is next level.

Beyond my professional life, I am about to celebrate one year of marriage with my wonderful husband Grant, who is a real estate agent in the DC area. My free time is filled with gathering with friends, playing pickleball, traveling and long walks around the city. As my side hustle (more like hobby), I am a Barre3 instructor and have had a blast teaching for over 3 years.

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