A Time to Reflect: How Looking Back Helps You Move Forward

Note: This blog is the fourth in our ongoing Noetic series inspired by Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill: How Senior Marketers Scale the Heights Through Art and Science. This month, Noetic’s guest blogger is our own Laura Longobardi who has insight to offer to help start 2019―with purpose.

The sparkle of a brand New Year. For some, it is a blinding reminder of what was not accomplished during the past 12 months. For others, it is glowing with possibilities of what lies ahead.

I admit, I’m usually one of those people who tears up on New Years’ Eve when the clock strikes midnight. It can be a stark realization of goals where I may have fallen short.

But this year I am taking a nod from Noetic’s (Nancie’s) new book and from many of our blue-chip clients who have already begun their annual due diligence and reflection process as they look to brightly take on 2019. Let’s look at how they are using the New Year as a way to reflect and reframe their strategic and marketing plans.

1. Find comfort in discomfort 

As Barri Rafferty, Partner & President, Ketchum states, “You used to have an annual plan and a quarterly; now the scrutiny is so much tighter. You have to have the ability to bounce back. To strike out and get back up to bat again.”

Like Barri, the best marketers understand the importance of reflecting on the past to enable them to bring clarity on their path forward. They embrace learnings to become smarter, more strategic, and more adaptable. They realize that in order to be successful, we need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. There’s not a person in this world that likes to fail. But there are people who see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Those learnings are the building blocks of your road ahead.

2. Use mistakes as seeds for success

inspiration, looking forward

If you look at failure differently―even call it by a different name―you’ll realize it’s a key ingredient to success. Think about a time when you lost your footing in public. What did you do? Maybe you made it look like you meant to do it, or laughed it off and kept walking quickly to escape the embarrassment.

Sara Moscowitz, Senior Vice President, Content Marketing & Merchandising at Audible states,You cannot innovate if you are afraid to take a risk. Make sure you try to think through every possible thing that could happen and plan for it, but if something does not work, learn from it – it is not a failure.”

Many of the brands we work with use the 70/20/10 methodology as a calculated way to lead with trusted bets, but also leave room for thoughtful marketing innovation.

3. Fast forward to the future

Norman de Greve, Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Health stated in Noetic’s recent book: “I believe what you do tomorrow is more important than what you did yesterday….Just go forward and do something better. No one really knows the answers, so iterate and go forward. I don’t hold onto failures at all.”

When thinking about marketing or strategic planning with our clients, we use the analogy of having one oar in where you are today, and one propelling you where you want to go tomorrow. It is OK to be (realistically) aspirational when planning and not totally subsumed with where you are at this moment. At Noetic we apply a Who/What/How framework to ensure our clients stay narrowly future focused on goals and objectives―keeping our eyes on the prize.

As you gear up for the holidays―and that final countdown of the year inches closer―I encourage you to reflect on all that has happened. Think about the good, the bad, the scary. Remind yourself of the times you lost your footing and how you’re a little more certain of the path now. Acknowledge that you will fall again, but you’ll get back up and keep on moving. You’ll always keep on moving forward―because that is how we pave our path to success.