Noetic News: Welcome to the team, Samantha!

Samantha Martin

Samantha Martin

My name is Samantha Martin, and I am thrilled to be penning my first blog for Noetic. It is exciting to start my time with Noetic in its 20th anniversary year…I get the extra fuel of embarking as a Noetic Consultant not only using the phenomenal Noetic values but also our founder’s reflections on her 20 years!

My professional road to arrive at Noetic spans from my time as a lieutenant in the United States Army to 20+ years of marketing roles in a variety of organizations from small companies to global enterprise holding companies. My marketing passion has always centered on customer experience. There is a unique fulfillment in helping clients understand how their consumers interact with their brand and the importance of consumers feeling like the brand understands their needs. It is energizing to empower brands to translate their promises through all their touchpoints from internal communication to the world of omnichannel digital. I have been fortunate to work with well-known brands such as Adobe, American Red Cross, FedEx, Walmart, Sony and Verizon.

As I was searching for my next professional home, Noetic drew me in because of the Noetic values – especially Help & Kindness First. Many years ago, a boss influenced me with his easy-to-remember mantra…Work Hard. Be Kind. I had been so caught up in meeting deadlines and achieving revenue goals, it became easy to forget that kindness is the spark that keeps both clients and colleagues pointing in the same direction. This simple mantra has been my north star for over 15 years and it is an absolute joy to land with a group of like-minded individuals.

As they say, every journey begins with a single step and introducing myself is my first “one foot in front of the other” to kick off my Noetic journey. I am excited to hit my stride and share Noetic and its great services of (1) consumer research and brand strategy, (2) marketing strategy and (3) training and coaching with Noetic clients and my professional network. Let the journey begin!

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