How Can Leaders Train Themselves and Their Teams Now For Later?

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Through our almost two decades of experience working with organizations of all sizes across all industries, we’ve seen a lot of what works well… and unfortunately, a lot of what doesn’t. In the last year, one thing we can state with certainty: senior leaders’ ability and willingness to invest in their and their team’s learning – consistently and significantly – allows teams to weather the most turbulent of storms. This is especially true in the last year,  with massive transformations, remote working, and unpredictable challenges no one could have anticipated, the leaders and teams who invested in their development through Training & Coaching have yielded the strongest results. How so?


When you sit in a new seat – by moving up to the C-Suite seat or in another vehicle altogether – skilling up is essential. For some leaders who oversee many different functions outside of their core expertise, expanding and refining skills and knowledge across all of the areas they manage can determine whether they will sink or swim in that new role. We recently worked with a newly promoted Chief Marketing Officer at a global Fortune 500 travel company. Although they were highly skilled and talented from their previous roles and responsibilities, they had some gaps in some of the core skills required to be an effective CMO… in a pressurized situation to deliver and deliver quickly for a travel sector so hard hit by the global pandemic. To that end, Noetic conducted personalized coaching and curriculum, featuring practical and theoretical tools to arm and elevate this leader’s ability to manage with a difference across their entire team, propelling them, and their team, to success. 


Can you imagine starting a new role in a new company having never met anyone on your new team or in the company overall? How about leading that team? We bet you can because we’ve met so many in this last year who have encountered this very situation, and chances are you have too (maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself). In this age of working remotely, there are new dynamics to consider and address to ensure your team is surviving and thriving. We interact virtually very differently than how we interact in person. Having clear communication within a team is challenging enough in person; in a virtual work world, it’s critical. One way to build a more cohesive and successful team is to assess everyone’s working style preferences through DiSC®  analysis. The results can reveal how to more effectively work together by leaning into your similarities and stretching into your differences. Understanding the way your colleagues prefer to work and communicate can help bridge gaps, prevent or solve misunderstandings, and increase productivity. It can also identify if your team is heavily skewed to one DiSC® style – a balance of styles is a constructive consideration when recruiting for new hires. Noetic can assess your team through DiSC®  and conduct customized workshops to make the most out of your profiles. Learn more about DiSC® here.


Your biggest asset is your employees. Investing in their abilities and giving them the opportunities to strengthen their existing skills and learn new ones is beneficial for everyone to drive growth for the individual, the team, and the company. It can also fend off attrition rates which are extremely vulnerable right now. We’ve had several large-scale clients in the last year heavily focused on an individual’s development precisely for this reason. Like our marketing executives coaching engagements, we offer Coaching for Emerging Leaders and Talent to ensure emerging leaders feel supported, stable, and nurtured even in the most uncertain of environments. A significant first step is taking our  Art & Science Assessment to identify and diagnose your areas of strength and others we can develop together. An investment in your team is an investment in your long-term success and the leaders of the future. 

If you’re a senior leader looking to sharpen your skills or have team members who need a focused approach to prepare them for the next level, Noetic offers various Training & Coaching services to achieve your goals. Let’s skill up!   

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