Jack and Jill: One Year Later

Today marks one year from the day my book arrived at my doorstep. I smiled broadly and did the only thing anyone would do upon receiving the book they wrote – captured the moment for social media!

art and science
Fall 2018, seeing my book for the first time

As I look back on that picture today, I remember how forced my smile felt. I sat there on the floor with those shiny new books and self-doubt descended. Rather than feeling euphoric, I felt the opposite. I wondered if anyone would find this book worthwhile. I wondered why I had not realized how uncomfortable I would feel to have it out in the world. And I wondered how I would muster the confidence to promote it.

But I forged ahead knowing that I owed it to myself, my team, and my company to try. Fortunately, I quickly learned that my anxiety was misplaced. The community of marketers who generously gave their time as interviewees assured me that there was tremendous value within these pages. Across the past year, I have spoken on Jack and Jill around the country, sharing the stories of these fantastic Jacks and Jills of marketing who are scaling the heights through art and science. Their stories – and the insights they unlocked for me in Jack and Jill – are inspiring and informative for both rising and senior leaders alike.

Art and Science in the Marketplace

It is exciting to witness how the importance of art and science in marketing – and the power being a marketing generalist – have become widely and passionately held beliefs within organizations. A recent article on Forbes.com called “Why You Can’t Choose Between Creativity and Data,” asserts that creativity and data cannot be isolated from each other. A recent report from Walker Sands found that 56 percent of marketers believe that creativity and technology will be equally vital to developing effective marketing strategies five years from now; 41 percent feel today’s strategies are already driven by an equal mixture of both. Likewise, McKinsey’s recent study with CMOs showed that the most successful amongst these leaders know how to identify and nurture talent who “balances creativity and analytics.”

When I speak on Jack and Jill, I share what I’ve uncovered on the power of learning, facing fear, and the value of being a generalist. Individuals and teams also take the Art & Science AssessmentTM, which, I have heard countless times, helps people gain a deeper understanding of their skill strengths and opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, they understand that strengthening their weaker side is within their grasp.

From East to West and Back Again

A year later, I am in quite a different place when it comes to promoting the book. Beyond grateful for the time and feedback readers have given, I am now motivated and inspired to promote this book. And what a year it has been! DC events included launching the book at Busboys & Poets with the amazing Heather Roymans, speaking to the local broadcast marketers at Tegna in Northern Virginia with Meredith Conte, and spending a morning with Jessica Wilson and her inspiring students at American University. On the west coast, I met with all of Discovery Channel’s marketers led at the time by Lara Richardson. I also spoke at Promax with AlterEgo’s Heather Roymans and Justin Kanner on the power of being a marketing generalist.

art and science
Nancie McDonnell Ruder and Alter Ego’s
Justin Kanner and Heather Roymans at the 2019 Promax

Leo Burnett in Chicago hosted a gathering of marketers to celebrate Jack and Jill where my friend and colleague Dan Baldino was MC. It thrilled me to have colleagues from my 25-year career attend this event, including Andrew Swinand, CEO of Leo Burnett (and one of my book interviewees). 

Recently in NYC, Tim Nolan, Executive Creative Director at A+E Networks, invited me to speak to his entire department. We workshopped “Balancing Art & Science” action plans for his whole team, which they will use throughout the year. Next up is an event in northern Maryland for TechFrederick, hosted by Tom Ehart and Nick Domaulokis. I will round out the year by hosting an event at my company’s headquarters with our valued partners at Accelerent.

art and science
A&E in New York City

In between these live events, I’ve done podcasts and my team has written blogs (with “vlogs” soon to follow) to spread the word about Jack and Jill. The more people I reach, the more grateful I am that those Jacks and Jills of marketing shared their stories with me. Their stories of resilience, learning without fear of failing, embracing generalization, and unlocking the power of art and science are truly inspiring. These marketers scale the heights every day. I am honored to give voice to their stories to help marketers understand that they, too, have what it takes to scale the heights. All they have to do is strive for it.

Give the Power of Art and Science

I would be delighted to bring the power of balancing art and science to you and your team. If you would like to learn more, please email hello@noeticconsultants.com. I would be happy to provide you with more details or answer your questions.

They say if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Thank you for your continued support on this exciting journey. I know we will go far together.

Nancie McDonnell Ruder