Pass the Secret Sauce: Winning Strategies for Senior Marketers Coming this Fall

By: Lauren Stradley

Climbing to the top of the marketing hill isn’t easy. And staying there can be even more precarious. We know, because a big part of what we do is to help clients navigate the complex, ever-changing marketing landscape.

Confronted with a dizzying array of new platforms and constant content consumption, how do we, as successful senior marketers, cut through the din?

Noetic is built upon a research-based approach that uncovers insights clients need to overcome challenges and achieve goals. It’s the heart of what we do—with every client success strengthening our heartbeat. This past year, we set out to do more.

Introducing Jack and Jill 

Noetic Book Jack and Jill

We launched an effort to augment our focus on  company, branding and marketing objectives to include guiding marketing leaders to overcome professional challenges. We applied our IDEA methodology to help senior marketers elevate their careers. That project became a book. And, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the upcoming launch of Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill: How Senior Marketers Scale the Heights Through Art and Science, authored by our fearless leader, Nancie.

To write Jack and Jill, Nancie drew upon her own 25-year career and insights from Noetic’s work with big brands like Nike, Wells Fargo, and Discovery Channel. She reached deep into our team’s networks to get firsthand best practices and lessons, and conducted in-depth interviews with more than 50 of the world’s best marketers, learning exactly what makes them tick, what drives them, and what helps them stay relevant.

The Secret Sauce of Marketing Leaders

Nancie found many commonalities among these marketing rock stars, including an elusive “secret sauce”—the uncanny ability to combine what she calls the “art” and “science” of their discipline. Every tidbit—often straight from the marketers’ mouths—is “news you can use,” including activation-ready insights and tools, like The Fierce Four, The Noetic 3c, and The Noetic 4p. Jack and Jill also offers a toolkit, featuring a powerful assessment to determine where readers are on the marketing art/science continuum and help them ascend from there.

Coming soon!

The book is just several months from release, and we can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, visit our Jack and Jill page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get inspired and start exploring the key themes and career-altering advice of Jack and Jill!