Build Up Your Creative Strength. No gym required!

Giving and receiving creative feedback is hard. For creatives, it can be dispiriting to hear your idea nitpicked to death. For marketers, providing relevant, actionable feedback is often a challenge. If you have ever wondered, “How do we work together to develop breakthrough creative?”, use the STRONG Creative Evaluation Tool as a step-by-step guide to help you and your partners develop better, more customer-centric work.

SSingle minded. In order to break through and have your message be remembered, it must be singular, focused, and clear. Ask “What one thing does this creative convey? Is it focused and memorable?”


TTarget relevant. Advertising must be relevant to your target customers for them to engage at all. Ask “Does this creative combine what we want to say as marketers with what our customers are interested in?”


RRiveting. Riveting advertising gets your target’s attention and engages them on an emotional level. Ask ”Will this grab them and make them feel something?”


OOn strategy. Creative that is “on brief” (delivers on the intended message) and “on brand” (supports the brand), is on strategy. Ask “Does this creative deliver on our strategy? Is it appropriately and consistently branded?”


NNew take. The product you’re marketing might not be distinct, but your message and advertising should be. Ask “Will this advertising get noticed? Is it new, fresh and distinctive?”


GGut reaction. Gut reaction is about the emotion that your target customer feels when they see your ad. Put on your customer hat and ask “What emotion does this creative convey? Is it the right emotion for our product and brand?”

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