Noetic News: Welcome to the team, Alexandra!

Alexandra Perez

Alexandra Perez

I recently celebrated my three-month anniversary of working at Noetic and am grateful to share a few reflections on what it’s been like as the newest Junior Consultant.

During my interview process, I was confident I had the work ethic and skills to be a contributor at Noetic but also couldn’t shake the fear of the unknown – will I fit in with this powerhouse of a team? Will I be able to produce as high-quality work as others? Experiencing change often forces you to look within and ask yourself this critical question, “Am I going to lean into being uncomfortable or am I going to resist?”

Over the past three months I have come to realize that building strong relationships with team members helps you embrace change. After one week on the job, I realized that Noetic’s culture of curiosity and collaboration without egos left little room for doubts to fester. Questions were not only welcomed but encouraged. Team members embodied our help and kindness first value by taking time to onboard me, share best practices and genuinely take an interest in getting to know me. By leaning into these relationships, I was able to see my potential and where my unique skillset could help the team and our clients. It was a major shift from self-focus to team-focus and gave way to a mindset that was able to stay curious and not fearful.

I know there will continue to be seasons of change and discomfort throughout my life, which is why I am incredibly thankful for my first three months at Noetic – for the lessons I have learned about myself, for how to persevere in a new environment and how to lean into relationships and think less about yourself and more about serving those around you.

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