Noetic News: Welcome to the Team, Affie!

Affie Benson

Hello there! I’m Affie Benson and I couldn’t be more pleased to be writing my first blog for Noetic. I am a passionate marketing professional of over 20+ years, helping brands elevate customer experiences through creative solutions and programs. I appreciate working across cultures and creating opportunities using traditional and digital marketing to solve challenges. I earned my MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!), and a BS in Marketing from American University. My fascination lies with digital marketing and the ever-evolving strategies and applications to help businesses find the right equation to reach stakeholder goals. As such, I recently pursued a certification from Columbia University & Emeritus Studies for Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics.

I was drawn to Nancie and Noetic’s values of kindness first and curious spirit and have seen its application firsthand. The notion of doing the right thing for your team and your clients is an easy one, but it takes real leadership to bring it to life and to do it consistently. When I first met Nancie and the Noetic team, I was grounded in how authentic the team is and humbled by the vast amount of experience, intellect, and drive each team member possesses. I am filled with gratitude to be working with such a power-house of professionals who combine artistry and science to create masterful services like branding, strategy, team empowerment, and more for their clients.

I am thrilled to both learn from the team and contribute to our clients’ success by applying traditional marketing frameworks coupled with creative solutions. I am elated by what I’ve seen and even more delighted about what is to come.

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