On this week’s episode of Noetic’s Marketing Leader Q&A series our special guest is Cathy Davis, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Feeding America. Cathy discusses the ways COVID has impacted Feeding America as an organization and how they operate to ensure they can continue helping as many people as possible, especially during these challenging times. Here are some tips Cathy shared with us.

  • Being able to transform your business based on what the marked demands can be a huge opportunity. Be aware of what has shifted in the current market situation as people’s habits have shifted and pivot to those opportunities.
  • Be clear about what is happening in the news, in the market and in your category. It’s hard but try to prepare and get ahead of what’s happening as much as you can by understanding what’s happening in the world.
  • Agility.  Quick decision making is imperativeFailing fast, Falling forward. Not acting now could cost you later.
  • Optimize what you put into the market on the fly. Spend less time on creative and get your messages into the market. You can adjust on the go, but it’s important to continue to have an active voice.
  • Identify all critical stakeholders and make sure you’re engaging them.  It is important they understand where you’re going and you understand what’s important to them.

Learn more about how you can support Feeding America HERE.

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