This week on Noetic’s Covid Marketing Leader Q&A series we are happy to feature Meredith Conte, VP Marketing at TEGNA . Meredith shares the ways in which TEGNA has been handling crisis both internally and with clients. Their team worked proactively to communicate with clients, who required a swift pivot to maintain relevancy in the ever changing news environment.   

Here are some tips Meredith shared for marketers during a crisis:

  1. Remember the brand basics of brand building during recessionary behavior. Stay present and maintain your share of voice; Adapt the message to be relevant; Account for changes in consumer behavior.
  2. One size does not fit all. Local story first – what different cities and states are dealing with during this crisis greatly varies. Make sure you think about what’s happening in different geographies and people’s mindsets.
  3. Real time marketing is here to stay – the story is fluid and always changing. The industry is constantly change and we need to think about how to make real time marketing part of operational capabilities.
  4. Consumer behavior and expectations are going to change. For example, patients are now expecting to have the option of telehealth appointments. People being at home are doing more home-based behaviors.  
  5. Ask yourself, “how do you want to be remembered?” 6 months or a year from now. What experience do you want your stakeholders to take away or recall? Use that as guidance to make decisions rather than getting stuck in the present.

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